Ronni Engelhardt







2006 -


1998 - 2006

Auditor with Deloitte

1998 - 2005



MSc Business Economics and Auditing


HD (R) Regnskabsv├Žsen og ├śkonomistyring

Graduate Diploma in Business Administration (Financial and Management Accounting)




CFO of the pan-european webhosting business

Marketleading in a number of European countries, but you can find our customers around the Globe. Offices across 10 different time-zones and more than 20 different nationalities work with us.

Now we are also offering our product to US customers - they choose us primarily because of our price-competitiveness and ease-of-use all-in-one package with no hidden fees and ekstras.


We continually develop and improve our service and more than 1,3 million have choosen us because of our world-class webhosting product..


With a price-competitive and intuitive offer based on quality and innovation we are ready to meet the challenges of the future.